Welcome to Test ‘n Scale

Test ‘n Scale is a platform for growth marketing. Through our tools and methods we enable marketers to build and optimize digital value chains fast and without programming skills. We provide educational material to our users and invite them become a data driven growth marketer.


When applying the methods of data driven decision making to digital value chains, marketers can increase campaign performance significantly.

With our digital marketing suite we make it easy to build and optimize digital value chains. The results are more ROI on marketing spending and higher market shares through optimized traffic acquisition and higher conversion rates on websites and landing pages.

Our Products

We offer you a complete solution for data driven marketing consisting of software, methods and professional support. With our digital marketing suite you can create digital value chains and optimize them using statistics and A/B Testing. We combine the benefits of a Landingpage Builder, Facebook Ad Builder, PopUp Builder and Performance Marketing Agency to a complete lead generation solution.

Promotion Builder
Create responsive landing pages and promotions to generate leads and build mailing lists. Use them for your e-mailings, facebook ads or other traffic sources. Our landing pages come out the box and our clients achieve up to 50% conversion rate. Many features such as statistics, A/B Testing, custom forms and lead notifications gives you everything you need to run digital campaigns smooth from start to finish.

Increase Website conversion for list-building, leads and sales. Create flexible Add-Ons to your website to generate more leads, signups and engage with visitors. Control all widgets from a single place.

Facebook Ad Creator
Create and optimize Facebook Campaigns by building them with more precision. Build campaigns with many different ads and audiences automatically, and focus on the strategic side of Facebook Marketing instead of technicalities.

Is Test ‘n Scale right for you?

Digital Marketers
As a digital marketer you want to focus on performance and strategic planning, rather than dealing with programming issues, spending weeks of finalizing a landing page or spending hours on building Facebook ads. If you want to focus on campaign optimization and strategic campaign development Test ‘n Scale might be right for you.

Being responsible for a firms financial success means being responsible for digital strategy and digital marketing ROI. Data driven marketing with Test ‘n Scale can help your marketing team to push the boundaries of advertising performance. Also it might help your business on deciding which markets to enter and which products to develop, when Facebook is used for market research.

You need to build landing pages and are tired of dealing with buggy WordPress plug-ins and complicated editing tools? With Test ‘n Scale you can create new landing pages and on-site campaigns in no time, without programming. At the same time you have a lot of flexibility using your own HTML and CSS code. You can create a fully functional lead page in under 30 minutes and still get paid for a whole day.

Clients pay you for marketing performance? Well, then you must consider Test ‘n Scale. It offers you a complete solution to extend your portfolio, increase your efficiency and ultimately deliver better performing campaigns. Focus on your clients marketing performance instead of building campaigns slow and manually.