Facebook Campaign Optimization using audiences

Why should you split each audience into its own adset?

When using only one or a few audiences you miss out a lot of potential because your result is blurred and you don’t know which single audience would work best.

By using hundreds of audiences and selecting the best ones you will be able to increase your Facebook ad performance significantly.

You might think you have chosen your audiences wisely and based on a lot of experience with your business. That’s fine, but your experience running your business doesn’t help here because you don’t know how Facebook created those audiences.

In our Facebook Advertising projects we have often found very counterintuitive audiences to work well. Therefore we suggest to test all possible audiences. Start very broad and reduce your audiences based on performance indicators, such as cost per click and in later stages cost per lead or cost per order.

Choose audiences

Facebook offers audience suggestions based on keywords. We suggest you to enter what comes to your mind and then select all audiences that come up.

If you don’t have any ideas for types of audiences use the Facebook Audience Insights tool and think of the following categories: Which newspapers / famous people / books / movies / brands / products do my clients like? Enter those into the audience browser and you will most likely have some more audiences you can use.

Don’t be shy and select 100+ audiences from many different categories.


Set the budget limits

Since you will many ad sets at the same time, set a low daily budget per ad set (between 1 and 5 €) and set your campaign spending limit to 100 €.


This is how your campaign will look like

Your campaign will have one ad set for each audience. Each ad set will have all ads. You have a clear name structure for the ad sets and ads.


Campaign Setup

Make sure your conversion tracking is working and your campaign is optimized for conversions (I assume you want to generate leads or purchases!). If you are not sure you can use one of our Ad templates and create a new campaign using the right parameters.


This is how your report will look like

Use the Performance & Clicks Dashboard and add the Conversion Column, as well as Unique Outbound Clicks.


How to I run and optimize such campaign?

Start your campaign with the limit of 100 €. Let it run until you have spend 50 – 100 €. You should see clicks. Now you go to ad set level and sort by click-through-rate. You will see those ad sets in the beginning which have clicks, sorted by the highest click-through-rate. Switch off all ad sets that do not have any clicks.

Now make a first evaluation. Are the clicks that you just got cheaper then those of your previous campaign? I bet they are.

Now you can repeat the process with a smaller selection of ad sets and later on you eventually want to switch off some low-performing ads in the active ad sets.


How do I build a splitted campaign?

To build such campaign you will need many hours and high levels on concentration. That cost you valuable lifetime or a lot of money, which is missing for the importating things such as strategic management. Therefore we have build the Facebook Ad Creator. It does the heavy lifting for you.

Start by selecting a template or importing an existing campaign from your account.


Get started by creating a free trial account for the Facebook Ad creator here